Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back, from outer-space...

Hello to anyone who  possibly stumbles upon this blog. Just wanted to give a list of things coming soon. I'll be making a post detailing the construction of cosplay horns using papier mache. This will be a large post. I also have several posts sitting in draft right now for making various pieces of armor out of EVA foam that I will be fixing up and posting, these will be relatively short postings. I went through and removed a bunch of old posts that don't match the more crafty direction i'll be taking this blog in the future. There may also be a small post covering the repair of Loki's  Chitauri scepter within the next few months. At some point I will be making a large post about a game design project that I've undertook, though as I am the only person working on this, with minimal knowledge at that, it will take some time. The game post would come sooner but I keep breaking stuff with spaghetti code.

Anyway, expect the first big post to come later this week or next week as I finish these horns for my niece!